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RAW ALLSTARS,Fremont Cheer Featured in American Cheerleader MagazineOur vision,an affordable and productive program. One that focuses on building every athlete into the best
performer,leader and friend they can be. Coaches and Directors have more than 20 years collective
experience in the competitive cheerleading and dance industry. Our focus is not on being number,but
through dedication,focus and hard work,our program has received more than 10 National/Division &
International Titles in just the past 3 seasons.

Offices Located at:
37428 Centralmont Place,Fremont 94536
Office: 888-588-4418
Toll Free: (888) 588-4418 Fax: (510) 992-6811 Address: FREMONT CAMPUS: 37428 Centralmont Place,Fremont,CA 94536
RAW Talents is owned and operated by HHC sponsoring services provided by Gaborski Services

We are looking to fill this volunteer position,small stipend provided,for this position which includes: answering emails,
phones and assisting with various administrative duties off and onsite. Administrative: Amanda,Accounting Services
Heather, Administrative Intern
Shay,Contract Services and Administrative Interns

A-GAME,Hip-Hop & B-Boy Dance Instructor
Hip Hop Dancer A-Game brings a fun but intense training program to RAW. A graduate from UC
Berkeley,he is an amazing leader and strong performer. Hired to lead the Step Up Revolution dance
workshop during the movie premier weekend,A-Game has skills like no other. A-Game is an amazing
teacher and works with students and team members of all ages.
Kayleen F. Program Administrator,Choreographer and Dance Coach
Kay has been an accomplished competitive cheerleader since the age of 8. In addition to her extensive cheerleading
training,she is a highly trained Jazz/Contemporary and Hip-Hop Dancer. Currently a part of a well known Hip-Hop
Dance Crew in San Francisco,Kay is known for her passion for performance and upbeat personality. She has
choreographed for many dance concerts and assisted schools by preparing their tryout routines. Kay will work
closely with RAW families as a part of our Administrative Team and to add to her busy schedule will be an active
coach specializing in stunts,dance and cheer choreography.
Kavail D.,Dance,Tumbling and Stunt Coach
Kavail joins our team of highly qualified coaches for the 2013-2014 season. A classically trained dancer from Yoko's
Dance Studio,he has been dancing since the age of 4. His amazing ballet and jazz technique has been a great
addition the program. His stunting and tumbling training is superior. Currently a competitive cheerleader,Kavail has
served as a strong base for his stunt teams. Kavails attention to detail and determination to achieve greatness
shows in his technical coaching style.
Vanessa S.,Cheerleading Lead Coach
A cheerleader for more than 6 years,Vanessa understands all the components of competitive cheer and what it
means to be a leader. Cheering since Middle School,Vanessa has competed and choreographed many routines.
Most recently serving as cheer coach for JLHS. Vanessa recently joined the RAW Allstars SR team where she and
her team earned the GRAND International Championship Title in Dance and International Title in Stunt. As a coach
she has lead her team to 2 National/International Titles in the past year. In addition to being a part of the coaching
crew at RAW,Vanessa is a college cheerleader.
Shuan S.,Dance Coach
Coach Shuan is a decorated dancer with numerous titles for jazz and hip hop. Coach Shuan started
working with students in 2011 providing them unique choreography for Pom and Hip Hop Teams.
Working with ages 5-11 years old,Coach Shuan brings a kind but strict coaching style. Trained
locally at Mission Dance and Performing Arts,she has a deep connection to the Tri-City Bay Area.

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