Cheerleading classes in Chicago

Cheerleaders The Cheerleading Coordinator Position has been eliminated but cheerleading and Pom Pons will still go on.

In another cost cutting move the CPS decided to eliminate more positions. Among them eliminated included:

  • citywide coordinator for interscholastic boys and girls bowling
  • facility manager at Lane Tech High School
  • two other stadium directors
  • citywide manger for high school sports and elementary education
  • cheerleading/pompons coordinator

According to CPS spokewoman Monique Bond, the sports will not be impacted, they will fill the work by giving their duties to current staff.

My first reaction to the story was that I felt it may negatively affect the kids. However, after I found out that one of the person's let go was the bowling coordinator, Maurice Bo Ellis. His salary was $80, 374. Now I am not a bowling expert, but I think it is more than fair to say that $80, 000 is way too much to pay someone to coordinate bowling in the Chicago Public League. I bet you if I did a search in the private market, I could easily find someone to do the same job for $50, 000.

In this case, I feel the CPS made a wise cost cutting choice.


2009-12-12 09:21:24 by mission1234

I live about 1 1/2 hours sw of Chicago in the county, aka "the sticks." I will need to continue to work as a nurse to support my schooling, pay bills, etc." Have a 12 yo daughter and do not want to move as I really like the country and would have to sell my land here and I really like it here. Cheaper taxes, peaceful, etc.
I'm not a city girl by no means but do love the night life of the City and the culture, but just couldn't live there. My daughter also loves her school and is in cheerleading and would be upset with the move. I thought about Northern but I don't like the stats on that school

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