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Classes are designed to benefit children at any age by their involvement in gymnastics, and using different motor skills. They will experience challenges and new skills as they mature! An additional benefit of being involved in gymnastics/tumbling classes at this young age is the opportunity to socialize with other children of the same age. Sharing, following simple directions and social skill development are all-important aspects of the class. Gymnastics classes cater to the children’s need for social development as well as movement education

Basic gymnastic and tumbling class (2-3 year olds): We will experience fun moments in the gym from rolling on the mats, jumping, climbing, or crawling from station to station. The objectives at each station are basic motor patterns and therefore, simple to complete. We will learn balance, and do balance activities such as the balance beam. Body positions, which they will use class after class, are instilled through repetition. These positions include tuck, straddle, pike, and stretch (or layout). More difficult skills such as forward and backward rolls are attempted with the aid of the teacher. Mastery of these challenging skills is not expected at this age.

Basic gymnastic and tumbling class (4-6 year olds): Development of social skills is still of high importance at this age. Fun solo activities and partner activities are introduced as well as relays and group games with multiple tasks. More difficult skills such as forward rolls and backward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels are attempted with the aid of the teacher. Trampolines are presented in this class with more difficult balancing activities on the balance beam, and jumps such as the pike jump and toe touch.

All classes are $38/mo. for a 4-week month for members and $43/mo. for a 4-week month for non-members.

TX bill outlaws sexually suggestive cheerleading

2005-05-05 10:54:40 by LightningLord

From today's New York Times:
HOUSTON, May 4 - Bump. Grind. Flesh. Wait a second.
Texas, the home of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, the National Cheerleaders Association and the Herkie jump (more on that later), may have put modern cheerleading on the map. But the Texas House of Representatives, concerned that high school cheerleading is becoming too raunchy, has approved a bill that would allow state education officials to prohibit "overtly sexually suggestive" cheering and drill team routines.
"I felt in my heart that this bill was the right thing to pursue," said Representative Tommy Merritt, a Republican from Longview whose wife is a former member of the Kilgore Rangerettes, the celebrated women's drill team from Kilgore College in East Texas

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