Creative acrobatic Movements

Beginning Acrobatics and Tumbling

Ages 5-8 or by Instructor Permission

If your child is new to Acrobatics and Tumbling this class is an excellent introduction. The class will start at the beginning of the acro building blocks and will progress with the level of students in class. With an emphasis on clean lines, proper technique, and efficiency; we will cover a range of inverted balances, controlled tricks, and tumbling in class. Students will work on improving splits and backbends, building core and upper body strength, and work on acro skills such as headstands, handstands, cartwheels, walkovers and much more.

Human Kinetics Coaching Youth Cheerleading (Coaching Youth Sports Series)
Book (Human Kinetics)
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Need more environments than just school

2003-08-20 13:51:51 by interests

Not everyone is into high school things - sports, cheerleading, yearbook.
but SF is so full of things for young people to do that have nothing to do with school.
There are youth drama groups, volunteer organizations like the food bank, the exploratorium docent program, the art museum docent programs, blue bear school of music, isadora duncan school of dance
even a part-time job at starbucks is a different kind of social situation.
the big problem with high school in the burbs is that there are such a limited number of acceptable things to be. if there's only one kind of popular kid, one way to be successful in that arena, then most kids are going to be kind of miserable.

Lacrosse and Football investors?

2008-04-21 06:45:16 by macme34

I have had an idea for a while now. For over 20 years I have been building high school and youth lacrosse and football teams. They have been well built and are thriving as we speak. These programs are in the Boston area. There is an area down south that is very close to me as well. lacrosse is just in its infancy in this state and ready to explode. (I have the reseach) High School football is stong. But, they do not have a youth league like pop warner or football usa. I am a pop warner guy. Never the less - My thought is to build a sports complex 4 astro turf fields with room to expand to 6

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