Creative Movement Curriculum

Focus on: Preschool-Grade 3
Course Number: TEED561N

Children love to move! This participatory course demonstrates engaging strategies that can integrate movement — children’s natural language — into the early childhood curriculum in schools and other settings. Using scarves, songs, music, and children’s literature, we will explore how kinesthetic teaching techniques provide a springboard for the development of body and group awareness, spatial and numerical concepts, language and pre-reading skills. Creative movement activities can ease transitions and classroom management issues as they heighten self esteem, nurture creativity, and build community in the classroom.

April 2014
Friday, 4:45 – 9:15 pm
Saturday, 9:00 am - 5 pm
1 CEU $405 / 1 credit $1, 354
Materials fee $5
Registration Deadline: TBA

Learning does come naturally

2013-03-22 20:16:47 by -

You don't sit there and drill a kid over their numbers until they get them. They learn through play, games, and movement. But if a parent or school has a goal for them, they can help guide the child towards them. I don't know about waldorfs curriculum, but the creative curriculum has great results, and the kids don't even know they are learning most of the time, and are proud and happy when they do realize it. They are guided by what interests them. An adequate teacher or parent follows their direction and incorporates the goal into the interaction.

Countering misinformation and 'misdirection'

2001-06-01 02:59:23 by Libertarian

****Assessment is central to every educational theory I have ever read, not just 'OBE.' And no one I know, or read, says that 'testing' is invalid as a means of assessment. However, MANY people say that testing is limited as an assessment tool, and should be supplememted by multiple other forms aof assessment, *one* of which is portfolios.
1) There is no meaningful assessment within the OBE curriculum because the “outcomes” are so vaguely defined. There are only “feelings” and objective criteria become irrelevant. Almost all OBE plans include long lists of outcomes, sometimes hundreds

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