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Ask any adult, and I bet they can share childhood memories of the mighty hula hoop. This simple, inexpensive plastic toy has been delighting children since it was invented in 1957 and has even earned .

The hula hoop is a great play prop to encourage movement and physical activity and help children work on object control skills. But don’t limit yourself to just traditional hooping, which can be difficult for young children to master. No, our friend the hula hoop has lots of uses for active play!

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

1. Jumping Around: Arrange several hula hoops in a circle on the ground close enough to that they are touching. Each child stands in a hoop, once a signal has been given, each child jumps form one hoop to next in the circle. Give the signal again to stop, turn around and jump the opposite way.

2. Driver’s Seat: Get inside the Hula Hoop with your child. Pretend it is a car. Who will be in front and be the driver and steer as you move around? When your child takes the driver’s seat he is practicing stability. Make it a bit harder by adding some resistance to the child’s pull. What type of car are you driving and where are you going? Use your imagination!

3. Hoop Toss: Create a big target such as milk jug or soda bottle (filled with some sand to weigh it down) and toss the hoop to land around the target. Start close and slowly increase the distance.

4. Get Rolling! Roll hoops across an open area to get children practicing running and catching. Vary the distance to vary the challenge. Increase the fun by rolling more than one hoop at a time and see which one the child decides to catch.

5. Run and Roll: Lay a hula hoop on the ground for one partner to stand inside. The other partner stands beside the hula hoop and rolls the hula hoop across an open space. The partner standing in the hoop runs to catch the hula hoop before it falls to the ground and brings the hula hoop back to its original spot. Partners take turns rolling and running to catch the hoop.

6. Musical Hoops: Boogie around an open area to the music until it stops, then jump into any hula hoop that is on the ground (one per person). Add some extra fun and movement practice by giving a designated movement skill to do inside the hoop before boogie time starts again.

7. Through the Hoop: Form a single file line of several children. Give the first child in the line a hula hoop to hold over their head. Children will pull hula hoop down over their bodies and then give the hoop to the next person in line. Time the activity and see how fast the hula hoop can move through the line.

8. Hula Hoop Safari: Give each child a hula hoop and a plastic magnifying glass. Have each child spread out and place their hula hoop in an open spot of grass. Lying on their tummies or squatting, encourage the children to go on safari inside their hula hoop, looking for bugs, worms and anything else interesting they come up with.

How do you hula hoop?! Share your ideas with us!

Playfully yours, Bethe

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vivus creditos opiniones

Off of one of my creative tangents

2013-07-04 08:43:50 by Niccodaemus

When I create stories for my Halloween events, I like to have a number of different entry points. "Rabbit Holes" if you will, that all converge to the same warren.
I tend to crack myself up when I write these things. I created this one last night:
I'm particularly proud of the VEGA logo I created. I've always thought that being "Vegan" implied that one was from "Vega". I knew I wanted the image of the constellation Lyra to figure in my VEGA logo, and last night it all came together.
This will be my riff on everything I find comical about the New Age movement, tied securely to the dark and creepy side of spiritualism

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