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Welcome, to the Creative Arts Program (CAP) for Kids Early Childhood Program, located in Salt Lake City, Utah where children explore Science, Social Studies, Math & Language Arts through the Creative Arts! We provide an Experiential Learning Environment where trained teachers design lesson plans for students to explore new concepts through: creative movement, creative drama, music, visual art, & creative writing. We are located inside an open 1658 square foot professional studio for the Arts where children explore weekly thematic lesson plans in a large open environment designed to encourage movement, creativity, and imagination. Students join us from all parts of the Salt Lake Valley to explore their world through the Integrated Creative Arts, including: creative movement, creative drama, visual art, music, & creative writing. The integration of the Arts in education have proven to raise text scores, increase understanding of concepts, boost self-confidence, initiate motivation for children to learn, and makes learning fun!

The Creative Arts Program (CAP) for Kids aims to provide children with high quality Experiential Education Explorations that reach the 3 main learning styles: visual (learns through seeing), auditory (learns through listening), and tactile/kinesthetic (learns through moving, doing, & touching). The Creative Arts Program (CAP) for Kids achieves teaching to the 3 learning styles through providing experiential education experiences based in the Integrated Creative Arts that encourage learning through: seeing, listening, moving, singing, acting, creating, doing, & touching.

REGISTER TODAY for Integrated Creative Arts Early Childhood School Program (3-6 years), Contact us at (801) 230-5493 or for details. 2012/13 School registration begins in January, 2012 Creative Arts Summer Camp registration begins Feb 7, 2012.

Creative Arts Program (CAP) for Kids Offers:

*Creative Arts Program (CAP) Early Childhood Education (Preschool & Kindergarten) 3 to 6 years old

2 day option: Tuesday/Thursday 8:45 AM - 12:00 PM

3 day option: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:45 AM – 12:00 PM

*Creative Arts Summer Camp 3 to 6 years old

Tuesday & Thursday 8:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Integrated Arts Concepts used to explore Science, Social Studies, Math, & Language Arts, include:

- Movement/Dance Concepts: body shape, level, direction, pathway,
size, relationship, speed, weight, rhythm, energy, and flow.

- Drama Concepts: character, audience, actor/actress, mime,
improvisation, voice, body

- Visual Art Concepts: planning, canvas, medium, artist, line, shape,
color, texture, space

- Music Concepts: pulse, duration, tempo, pitch, dynamics, structure,
timbre, texture

- Creative Writing: Focuses on children’s self-expression, creativity, and imagination. The Creative Arts Preschool hosts activities where adults scribe the students creative writing. It also encourages students to draw pictures and tell a story that goes along with the pictures as the adult scribes the story. We love to encourage students to draw because children who draw are children who will write.

Off of one of my creative tangents

2013-07-04 08:43:50 by Niccodaemus

When I create stories for my Halloween events, I like to have a number of different entry points. "Rabbit Holes" if you will, that all converge to the same warren.
I tend to crack myself up when I write these things. I created this one last night:
I'm particularly proud of the VEGA logo I created. I've always thought that being "Vegan" implied that one was from "Vega". I knew I wanted the image of the constellation Lyra to figure in my VEGA logo, and last night it all came together.
This will be my riff on everything I find comical about the New Age movement, tied securely to the dark and creepy side of spiritualism

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  • Regular participation develops Focus, Concentration and Coordination
  • Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Confidence
  • Social-Emotional and Self-Regulation Skills
  • Self-Control, Direction Following and Early Literacy

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