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Last week, the London International Awards hosted its judges in Las Vegas, along with about 70 young creatives from around the world. Vegas is the embodiment of “bigger is better, ” therefore a sadly appropriate place to judge advertising. However, when one takes a close look at our industry and the work we produced throughout this year, there is more than a loud sales pitch. There is a movement toward creativity, braver work and connectivity between brand and consumer.

The week kicked off with Emma Wilkie of The Gunn Report, revealing studies that aim to prove that creative, award-winning work is actually more effective than safe work. They are giving agencies ammo to sell their clients on better ideas. Yes, we can spend our clients’ media dollars to keep a campaign running, maintaining their brand relevance temporarily. But does the idea live on afterwards?

Nick Law of RGA captivated us with few take-aways. First: Big Data doesn’t have a good return on investment. Data is not reality unless the user has given it up willingly. Does your Google search history accurately reflect who you are and what you want to buy? Brands need to give consumers something useful to interact with, and then study the way they use it.

Second, “big ideas” are bullshit. As an industry, Nick says, we need to find “whole ideas.” To summarize what was a brilliant point: an idea will either tell a story or provide a service. A whole idea finds the space where a consumer interacts with a brand, and comes to life using the channel that is most relevant to this behavior. The practice of buying slots for a 30-second film is losing, in the same way informative print lost 40 years ago. Agencies need to become business partners, not business services.

The most inspiring part of last week was seeing all the work across the board. Work that pushed the boundaries. Clients with enough confidence to approve exciting new ideas.

Interacting with creatives from different agencies of the world gives perspective on how we work at Mullen. We have a truly unique dynamic. Anyone, from an intern to a CD, can have the idea that wins. You will have to protect it until the end, but it happens. I can walk into my ECD’s office right now and pitch them an idea, and they will listen. This is a rare occurrence at other agencies.

LIA is one of the last award shows of the year, yet this was the first time non-jurors were invited into the room to observe the jury’s process. The emotions are similar to a creative review, but there is an element of unbias, allowing for a candor that is lacking in the offices of ad agencies. Did anyone actually participate, or care? Does this brand have the right to make this stance? Was it funny?

Sat. Nov. 20 Anti-APEC and Anti-SOA Protest

2004-11-16 20:46:44 by kimtom

Please pass this on to friends, families, and comrades!
Click here for the calendar listing.
Saturday, November 20, 2004, a group of concerned people will hold an action in solidarity with the protests against the School of the America's (SOA) in Fort Benning, GA and the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Conference in Santiago, Chile.
We will be meeting outside the Las Vegas City Hall, Stewart and 4th St., at NOON for a nonviolent action to show solidarity with the people protesting these two harmful organizations, to inform and educate local Las Vegans about the issues around the world that are affecting us, and to outreach to more Las Vegans, specifically lower, working class, and homeless folks so as to understand how best to create a local movement...

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