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Today is a guest post from online friend and blogger Heather Vaughan- Southard. You can visit her blog here. Enjoy!

As educators, we strive to guide our students to a place of independent thinking, thoughtful analysis, and reflective response, all leading directly to confidence in ability, action, and presence. Yet, many dance studios offer creative movement classes taught by their most “advanced” teen-aged dancers.

In a recent post, Maria posed a question regarding the definition of Creative Movement to which there were several exciting responses. But let’s focus for a few moments on what Creative Movement DOES and why it is important that a professional dance Educator is leading your child’s experience:

Creative Movement introduces students (of all ages) to potential, process, and performance. These are the three major concepts that will be ever present as these students move through their lives.

The 3 P’s
Within a creative movement class, students are guided to explore the potential of their movement but also of their imagination. They not only gain experience in experiencing potential they are gently encouraged to begin identifying potential.

•Teachers may ask the kids to mirror their actions engaging elements of dance: Space, Energy, and Time.

•Students are introduced to basic dance technique often through a similar call and response format.

•They are encouraged to move freely based on verbal, visual, or aural cues. Students dance through Space and Time with a range in Energy and often with a sense of freedom and abandonment that allows them to think with bodies in tandem with their minds.

•Students may be invited to contribute their own ideas in how movement, class exercises, or prompts may build on the foundation already laid by the teacher.

Through the creative processes experienced in a Creative Movement class, dancers collaborate with their peers as well as an authority figure. They learn to communicate their ideas and their feelings.

MACD. & E Creative Dance In The Primary School
Book (MACD. & E)

Learning does come naturally

2013-03-22 20:16:47 by -

You don't sit there and drill a kid over their numbers until they get them. They learn through play, games, and movement. But if a parent or school has a goal for them, they can help guide the child towards them. I don't know about waldorfs curriculum, but the creative curriculum has great results, and the kids don't even know they are learning most of the time, and are proud and happy when they do realize it. They are guided by what interests them. An adequate teacher or parent follows their direction and incorporates the goal into the interaction.

How structured?

2006-06-04 22:22:30 by JustTryingToHelp

Where my (adult) daughter takes ballet, there are different colored leos for different ages, even for the 3-year olds who take "creative movement," not actually ballet. It's a formal studio.
However, she also teaches pre-ballet for different levels for Parks and Rec, and there is no standard outfit. Most of her little dancers come with a tights/leo/skirt combo that they picked up at any store. Some even come with long tulle skirts!
So, I guess the answer is, check with the teacher or studio, and plan to be flexible.

I had a gymnastics class in college...

2012-02-03 12:01:47 by Pete_CSCS

... with a teacher that was a former Olympian and was now a judge for the then current US Olympic squad.
He had us do only dynamic exercises in the warm-up. Things like jumping jacks, squat thrusts, arm circles, torso twists, running in place. Anything with lots of movement. He said if he saw anybody doing static stretching, he would fail them.
Be creative.

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