Creative Movement Videos

New video clips added late August 2011.

Movement Poems

I Met Ten Bunnies

Ginny Martin has written several movement poems for her youngest dances to give them a very creative opportunity to use many of the steps and ideas introduced in class each week. This is a selected portion of the movement poem called "I Met Ten Bunnies".

Fairy Dance

"Fairy Dance" is Ginny Martin's newest movement poem. Ginny uses several delightful movement poems as improvisation in class. She decided to choreograph Fairy Dance for 4-6 year-old students as a dance for them to open our spring show. Here is a selected portion of Fairy Dance.


Madeline is another movement poem that is also used for improvisation as well as a choregraphed dance for the 4-6 year-old students. Here is a selected portion of Madeline.

Choreography selections

Debussy Ballet

Debussy Ballet is a joyful example of choreography for Creative Movement students aged 4-6 years old. Sometimes the choreography for Creative Movement is playful, humorous, or even poetic. The music for Debussy Ballet is by James Galway from his album "Dances for Flute". This is a selected portion of "Debussy Ballet".


Contact Ginny Martin

Boilini Baxter Productions Creative Movement for Children
DVD (Boilini Baxter Productions)

Sure, search YouTube for some free videos

2008-09-22 14:19:01 by fitdan

And whatever band you buy should come with some instructions and help. Then get creative, try standing on the band, wrapping it around a post or tree or whatever and do movement in opposition. It's that easy. Bicep Curls, Tricep Extensions, Overhead shoulder presses, etc (google these for pics). Also, start with a thinner, easier band and work up to the thicker ones, they come many vatiations. Good Luck and best to ignore the jerks, they love the attention and hate to be treated like they are not even I do so with joy!

That sot response happened to me earlier too

2013-07-25 21:36:57 by AlchemicalMystic11

That sucks they need to change that shit.
Absolutely. I'm so glad I shared this with the community here.
I think I'm going to post this link to this set of videos each week if I can remember just to spread the idea and the movement.
I so want to do the same..Like I said to Nicco.. this is why I have living for a stint homeless while I worked on my graphic novel submissions..I can stand the idea of working part-time, that would suck all my creative energy, so I can then use that money to focus on creating my own cob house too..and also create a type of art community


2003-07-30 09:32:46 by leanandfit

4. If you use your ab muscles while doing it, yes. Some people just kind of move back and forth and use more of their leg muscles and bone movement rather than actually contracting their abs and using their abs to move their bodies. If you focus on your abs as you're hooping, it'll definitely work your abs. You can tell if you're using your abs if you FEEL it in your abs, get it?
5. Face exercises are a myth from what I know. I remember trying this a few years ago and I woke up with THE SOREST face and I had aches and pains all day. It didn't do shit and I felt like I was just STRETCHING my skin and like it was just more likely to cause wrinkles in the future (I'm only 22)

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