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Ballet is a great foundational dance to learn, as the student will accomplish key elements of form, style, and fluidity of motion, or grace. There are several different dance schools in the Rockford, Illinois area. While the history of dance may be important to learn, this is a subject better left to the individual schools. Many modern dances have their roots somewhere in ancient history; ballet is generally accepted as officially used as a dance by professionals in the early 17th century. Different schools offer the same basic dances; however, each may attract its own following of students for various reasons such as personalities, styles of teaching, and specific goals of each individual student.

"Steps to Grace Academy" (STG), located at 6817 Elm Avenue in Loves Park Illinois, offers classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, and junior praise choir. They accept students from three years of age through adult. Holly Reilly, the owner, also teaches there, along with Melissa Thomas and Deanna Sanchez. For more information, call (815) 637-1990 or visit their web site at .

Rockford Dance Company instructs ballet with teacher Randy Newsome, who retired from Northern Illinois University as their co-coordinator. The school teaches ballet, hip hop, jazz, break dancing, and swing. Rockford Dance Company prepares their students for stage performance and they produce shows throughout the year, including "The Nutcracker." You may contact the school directly at (815) 963-3341 or visit their web site at .

Evolve Dance Company is in their fourth year as a school. They have classes from three years old through adult. The dances taught may include ballet, creative movement, tap, jazz, hip hop, and pointe. Private lessons are also available. Evolve teaches musical theater, which includes instruction in singing, dancing, and acting. Call them at (815) 877-0077 or visit them at .

Jacqueline's Dance Education Center offers ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and ballroom to students three years old to adult. They are located at 3211 North Main Street in Rockford, Illinois. For more information, call (815) 633-0753.

Mary Lee's School of Dance at 1888 Daimler Road in Rockford, Illinois offers dance classes for students age three to adult. They specialize in ballet, pointe, ballroom, tap, jazz, and lyrical. Their staff is professional and personable and they provide a studio that is very family oriented. You may call them at (815) 229-5121 for more information, including class times and prices.

The Rockford, Illinois and surrounding area is very blessed with an abundance of rich culture and several dance studios at various locations throughout the city. Feel free to add your comments if there are additional schools or private instructors you would like to let the community know about.

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Portland Artustrators...part one

2006-04-19 10:54:24 by ptown

I like portland in general and am an artist myself. The following gripes are not because my sales or my art sucks. however...
1. I don't know who started plastering bird silohuettes all over paintings, pillows, handmade books and everything else that can be screenprinted or painted but hear this now...that shit is tired tired tired! at first it was cute, a little sub thread on the "subtle as a mallet over the head" illustrator as artist movement here in the PacNW and elsewhere, but now it is almost a parody of itself. the only way it could less creative is if maybe they were all painted on skateboard decks, the new saw blade paintings a la grandma's house for the supposedly hip crowd of lowbrow art lovers

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