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Welcome all those that wanna get Jiggy With It! Seriously. If you want to know what Swing Dancing is check out the links below. I started Swing Dancing at the London Swing Dance Society in 2009 after attending a Swing Dance Society event at the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms. What appealed to me about Swing Dancing was the partner element. You dance with someone. Secondly was the fact I had two left feet! I could not Swing Dance to save my life though by the end of the night I have to say I was giving it my best shot, sweating like a pig, consequently losing lots of pounds and having the time of my life! Dirty Dancing eat your heart out! If you want to meet other men and women for a fun social dancing event that will also second as a light workout this Meetup is for you! The event takes place a bit like Speed Dating but without the pressure because we're there to dance! You dance with several different partners throughout the hour or so long session. It's great fun! The London Swing Dance Society Meets regularly in London for week classes and other social events during the week and at weekends. You don't have to be able to dance. It's for the fun of it and meeting new people! However if you want to master it, the option is also there. We will be meeting up to attend beginners Lindy Hop! You do have to want to have fun and socialise. See you there!

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A £2 charge per person per Meetup is now required and very much appreciated towards Organiser Dues which this Meetup pays monthly.

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Dance classes

2007-01-22 13:03:35 by SingerDancer

Depending on where you are - you can go to a "group class" at MANY places. In South Bay there are two - Palo Alto and Sunnyvale. They classes are typically 1.5 hrs and cost ~$15 - they teach 3 "disciplines" (i.e. Salsa, Swing, Waltz) changes weekly. It is fun exercise and you will meet a LOT of people.

I saw that...re: ballroom, latin, swing dancing

2002-07-12 14:22:39 by chopsuey

I love them all.
For ballroom, a good place to learn is City College of SF. The beginning classes are nearly always short of leaders (men).
For latin, I can see how a lot of people think it's a pickup scene, if you go to the local clubs like Club Cocomo or places in the Mission.
But all the serious dancers go to places like dance places--Broadway Studios, The Metronome, Cubberly Pavillion in Palo Alto, Starlite Ballroom in Sunnyvale, etc., and The Dog House in SF for Swing.
Swing is fun and easy to learn, and a very brisk workout.
And for the intermediate/advanced, there is a whole community of Argentine Tango places

Adult Ballet Class in South Bay/Peninsula?

2008-02-27 09:12:14 by returndancer

I'm having the hardest time finding a Ballet class - JUST ballet - NOT ballet + tap + jazz + salsa class, for ADULTS in this area. I'm sure they're out there, so where are they? I've looked everywhere I could think of - including dance stores. Lots of ballet classes for kids, of course. I danced for 14 years, and I want to take some simple classes again - nothing serious - just basic barre stuff for stretching/strength. I have no interest in embarassing myself on the stage again :) I live in Sunnyvale and work in Los Altos Hills - anywhere within this range would be great. Thanks in adv

Reach out

2004-10-10 07:55:31 by bandgeek

I know it sounds like such a simple thing, but I had to join and leave several groups of people before I found some that I had common interests w/. I discovered that when I stopped worrying all the time about what people thought of me, if they liked me, etc and just concentrated on the things I DO like to do and the friends I DO have, I just started naturally meeting more people and making more friends.
Take a class--dance, art, college, anything that might interest you that you never pursued before.
I just got a pamphlet yesterday on classes Sunnyvale/Cupertino offer. There is everything from computer to yoga to belly dance to jewelry making to

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