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Wouldn’t it be nice to spend more time working on dancing? Rather than surfing the internet until you’re brain dead, trying to find a few morsels of nourishment to feed your dance addiction.

If only you had the top lindy hop web resources at your fingertips… Hey wait! You do!

These resources have been hand-picked by yours truly. These best-of-the-best websites will consistently feed your learning, listening, and networking needs.


– Jerry Almonte’s posts make you think deep thoughts about swing dancing. Jerry fearlessly gives his opinion on topics like , and for that I love him. Also follow his , where you’ll get a daily selection of the best dance videos and blog posts.

– Being a top lindy hopper gives Bobby White a unique position as a blogger. He writes loads of in-depth articles on topics like history, the art of judging, and fitness. If you want to kill a few hours, check out this amazing list of . Also beware his excellent sense of humor.

– Laura Windley is dedicated to the art of vintage lindy hop fashion. For us energetic swing dancers, it’s not as easy as throwing on any old vintage-looking outfit. That’s just asking for a wardrobe malfunction on the dance floor. Laura will help you figure out . Lucky for us, she finds the best deals online, too!


– Since 2006, Jess Miner and Manu Smith have hosted this monthly podcast all about swing jazz. They talk new music, old music, music news, and more.

– For nearly a decade, this forum has been the place for deejays to get together and talk about swing music. Have you ever wondered what music you should pick for practice? Here you can find out what deejays are actually playing at swing dances (and where to get it). A wealth of information is available. Try the “search” function if you’re looking for something particular.

– If one new song per week sounds like your style of music discovery, check out Christian Bossert’s blog. For the past 2 years, DJ Chrisbe has explored each in an approachable and digestible way. He profiles both well-known and more obscure songs.

– Nothing beats Jazz-on-line.com when it comes to sheer volume of downloadable old jazz music. Oh, did I mention it’s all free? The owner, Michel, consistently adds to the collection, which now tops 35, 000 songs. Don’t believe me? Look for yourself. Organized by artist or by randomized playlists.

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Music (Chandos)

Swing Dancing Classes for Queers in SF Bay Area?

2009-07-26 15:50:44 by purpleb

Doe anyone know of Queer Swing Dancing classes in The Bay?
I've been wanting to learn, and would love it if it was a whole bunch of queer folks!
I'm a Lesbian almost 21 college student- So it would be cool if there was something out there where I'm not the only one under 40- or even 30... and the not the only one that's female identified. lol.
If there is nothing out there like that that's queer centered, does anyone know any that are queer friendly and again, where I'm not going to be the youngest one.
Thanks again!

Swing dancing classes

2008-03-20 20:01:58 by ------

Think laterally about what is exercise. ANYTHING that gets your body moving and your muscles working is exercise and is better for you than no-exercise. If you are having enough fun you won't care if it makes you sweaty.
Happy birthday for Sunday. Join some clubs. Have fun with your life and you will start liking yourself more, and then it will become easier and easier to treat yourself right.

Have you try making taking some classes

2002-05-30 17:04:45 by sammie_

Or joining a club?? Like everyone else said meeting people through friends is the best way. But since thats not working for you. I would try taking a salsa or swing dancing classes. Ratio I heard is good there. And since you're the shy type you don't really have to make the first move.
Not sure about internet dating. But a friend of mine found some success in saloon. Not sure the exact web address. But there are plenty of that out there

1940's Swing Dance Classes

2004-04-11 08:49:47 by BigCash

Tuesday, April 13th, we begin our:
Beginning Course Description:
One six week class to complete and repeat as you wish. If you're already a
dancer, familiar with swing, even if you've never danced in your life - this
is the place to start. Learn the six count basic - both open and closed; the
lead and follow turns; tuck-turns; and the Charleston- we will introduce you
to leading and following, and show you what makes this dance so unique.
Classes are purchased in a 6 week block for $42 or $18 with a valid student

Dance classes. West/East Coast Swing,

2007-04-13 06:18:04 by shikasta

Maybe salsa. Social dancing rather than fixed-partner classes.
People go to dance rather than just to pick up - tho' plenty of single people go partly to meet people - & if you go regularly you get to know new friends & their social circle.
& it's fun!
Or, if that's not your thing then pick a social/club thing that you would enjoy & just go do it - not with the single-minded aim of 'finding a man' but to have fun with people who share your interest & see what social options open up & you'll naturally meet single men.
As to the 'quality' bit, well that's down to how discerning you are in your judgement of the guys you do meet & what type of guys you tend to select/be attracted to.

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