Toddler Dance classes Denver

Ballet is a great dance activity and a way in which you can express yourself. Do you want to learn ballet or have a child or teen who does? If so, you may take ballet lessons in Denver at one of the following places.

Cherry Creek Dance: Cherry Creek Dance is one place in which you can take ballet classes in Denver. Cherry Creek Dance offers Pre-ballet, Ballet I, II, II, IV, V, and VI, Beginning Ballet, Beginning Ballet for teens and adults, and Intermediate Ballet for teens and adults. Ballet classes for children, teens, and adults are offered several times throughout the day, including Saturdays.

Tuition per month depends on the amount of time you spend in dance classes each week. For instance, tuition is $60 per month if you take a one-hour class each week. Two-hour classes each week results in an $85 tuition per month. Individuals may also purchase an unlimited number of dance classes per month for a $170 tuition fee. To learn more about the Cherry Creek Dance's ballet dance lessons, fees, and times available, please visit the company's website or call 303-399-8087.

Mile High School of Dance: The Mile High School of Dance is another place in which you may take ballet lessons in Denver. The Mile High School of Dance offers pre-school, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and company ballet classes for children, teens, and adults. Each individual is placed into a class based on his or her age, skills, and abilities.

Girls in ballet classes are required to wear a black leotard without ornamentation, pink tights with feet, skirts with lengths above the knee, and pink ballet shoes. Additionally, girls must either keep their hair short or wear it pulled back off of their face and neck. Boys in ballet classes are required to wear black jazz pants, a T-shirt, and black ballet shoes. Finally, adult women who take ballet classes are required to wear pink tights, black leotards, pink ballet shoes, and may wear a dance skirt or a studio dance T-shirt.

If you would like information on class times and fees, you may call the Mile High School of Dance at 303-232-3222. You may also visit the company's website for more information.

Dance Legacy: Dance Legacy is another place in Denver where you can take ballet lessons. A variety of ballet classes are offered through Dance Legacy, including: Pre-Ballet, Beginning Ballet, Pre-Intermediate Ballet, Intermediate Ballet, Pre-Advanced Ballet, Advanced Ballet, Adult Ballet, and Teen Ballet. Individuals are placed into classes based on skill level, previous experience, and age.

Monthly tuition rates at Dance Legacy depend on how many hours of dance an individual takes each week. For instance, 45 minutes of dance time each week costs $45 per month, three hours of dance each week costs $113 per month, and 10 hours of dance per week costs $328 per month.

Additionally, it is important to note Dance Legacy has a dress code for individuals taking ballet. All girls who take ballet classes must wear a different-colored leotard, depending on what level in which she is enrolled. Girls in Pre-Ballet must wear lavender leotards, those in Beginning Ballet must wear light pink, girls in Pre-Intermediate Ballet must wear light blue, those in Intermediate Ballet must wear royal blue, and girls in Pre-Advanced or Advanced Ballet must wear black leotards. In addition, girls in Beginning Ballet must pull their hair back and pin their bangs back as well. Those in Pre-Intermediate through Advanced Ballet must wear their hair in buns and pin their bangs back. All boys in ballet must wear black pants, sweat pants, or tights, a white T-shirt, and black shoes.

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Nah, already married :)

2006-04-05 08:20:47 by October_NYCBride

I've been here a lot bc I'm always looking to provide advice while procrastinate writing my dissertation! Yes, I'm a loser :)
I dance here in NYC at two places--my gym at Columbia U., where we have classes, and Manhattan Motion, a smaller studio. Mostly hip-hop now, but have recently also done ballet, tap, and jazz/fun. A great time!
Now, should I go back to writing, or shop for shoes online?


2011-03-25 11:42:46 by kjeltring

Ballet and tap - childhood
ballroom - foxtrot - charleston - pre-deb
club dancing - too much time at Limelight, Webster Hall, Club USA, Palladium, Save the Robots & raves
salsa & swing - as both dance crazes hit NYC - supper club & midsummer night swing & various underground places
clogging - after tons of scotch
hiphop dancing - dance classes with choreographers at gym
tango - w/ bf

All year round

2008-11-28 17:22:53 by -

It is VERY hard to become a Rockette. Toughest dance gig in NYC.
They are best know for their Christmas and Easter shows but they perform year round.
They do multiple performances per day.
They have smaller troupe breakouts that travel (USO tours, benefits, tv appearences ets.)
The must know jazz tap and ballet and constantly take classes. (they sing too - or lip sync anyway)
They have height, weight requirements that are non negotiable.
it's a tough gig.

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