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Clifton Park Dance School Year Schedule
September 9 – August 23

Any online registrations for open class spots will be taken and processed for the session starting on July 15th
Your credit card will not be charged until you procure a spot. There is a $30 non refundable registration fee per student good through the end of June 2014. This registration fee covers dance, fitness and gymnastics classes. This single registration fee is only available through the World Class family of facilities. Discounts: Enroll in one dance class – you pay full tuition amount. Each additional dance class is 10% off. If you are also enrolled in gymnastics – you pay gymnastics tuition rate and each dance class is 10% off. (If you do not continue the gymnastic sessions, you will then pay the regular dance tuition rates.)

Intro to Creative Movement :18-24mo:

Our “Itsy Bitsy Dancers” are exposed to fun appropriate music, motor skill movements, & interact with other small dance friends while exploring silly & creative ways our bodies can move with the music. We incorporated musical play instruments, and many fun activities. *This is NOT a parent participation class. However, 1 Parent may help your dancer participate if needed. Once your dancer is comfortable without parent, we ask parents to stay out of the room and off the dance floor. Our “Itsy Bitsy Dancers” perform 1 class routine & our company finale’ in our end of year recital. (Must be 18mo by Sept)

Creative Movement: Age 2:

Our “Teeny Dancers” are introduced to various
types of music and fun movement which helps create a positive image and experience. They begin to learn basic dance “manners”: taking turns, sharing with and clapping for friends, making fun formations and dance lines as they learn to Move and Groove! These CM dancers learn at a faster pace than our Intro to CM dancers. These students will also have age appropriate motor skill activities as well. *This is NOT a parent participation class. However, 1 Parent may help your dancer participate if needed. Once your dancer is comfortable without parent, we ask parents to stay out of the room and off the dance floor. Our “Teeny Dancers” perform 1 class routine & our company finale’ in our end of year recital. (Must be age 2 by end of Sept)

Starz / Anchor Bay Dance off the Inches: Country Line Dance
DVD (Starz / Anchor Bay)

Well, sometimes that's how it is.

2010-08-17 11:13:27 by -

Lots of kids love things that they aren't incredibly talented at, and we let them continue because they are getting something good out of it.
Sports, dance, singing, it doesn't matter. You let her continue if she loves it. It's not about creating a world class dancer. It's about fun and growth for your kid.
The teacher gets this.

Once i took a modern dance class while teaching

2009-03-28 09:12:45 by blackskimmmer

At a community college. the class was full of 18 to 2o somthing year old girls.
some were amazing dancers. some were stiff and boring, some were assured about there place in the world, some were self conscious as hell, some where skinny as a bone, some were fat, some were chunky some were slinky...
three things:
1) one girl was not particularly thin or slinky or shapey in a way i might automatically be attracted to... BUT she was alive! when she danced, everything was alive! she was the most amazing dancer to watch in the class. eventually, very attractive

Looking for good aerobic dance class in Memphis

2008-08-06 09:36:21 by jlrogers374

I used to take an aerobic dance class twice a week, one hour sessions each, that involved 5 different kinds of world dance. It was so much fun and an awesome work-out! My instructor moved, and I've never found anything quite like it again. Does anyone know of any good aerobic dance classes in town? I'd like at least 2-3 hours per week, preferably 4. Thanks!

I went to a Hebrew dancing class

2011-05-09 08:50:20 by d83

We are working on a formation team dance and there was a woman their who insisted on knowing the etymology of every dance term that the instructor used.
This lady was just looking for imaginary meanings in Hebrew terms that equated to Rock Step or Jump. It was one of the first times I could really see the projection or the deliberate imagination that some of my fellow Christians use interpret the world.
Sometimes a dream is just a dream it isn't the greatest revelation of all time, and sometimes a word just means jump, it doesn't have a greater deeper meaning

Let Smoove B Rock Your World

2003-12-23 14:08:34 by SmooveBLoveMan

Damn, girl, you need to take the rest of the day off so I can break you off doggy-style in my bathroom.
Ever since we met two weeks ago, I knew you were the one for me. Your style, your booty, and your class are beyond all compare. In a world populated with many fine women, you are without a doubt the most fine. Let Smoove take you out tonight or, if you are busy, tomorrow night to show you how I treat a lady as exceptional as you. Allow me to break it down:
First, I will pick you up from your house in a white limousine and take you to the finest dance club in the entire city

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