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George Washington University's Educational Technology Leadership Program: Over 185 years of academic excellence behind us--your future ahead!

US News and World Report ranks GWU among the top 12% of Education Schools in the U.S.

As you read this, educators and other technology leaders from around the world are meeting in Washington, DC. They are gaining highly marketable professional skills. They have no parking or hotel expenses. They have not had to fight traffic or ride public transportation to classes. Their collective carbon footprint is barely a shadow on the environment. These individuals are forming strong bonds with fellow classmates, most of whom they will never meet in person until they gather on campus for graduation. They are graduate students taking online courses in the Educational Technology Leadership (ETL) Program of The George Washington University.

If you would like to become a part of this select group, you can start by exploring the menu links on this page. To have an information packet mailed out to you, click here to Request Information, then select your field of interest under the heading Education and Human Development. Feel free to contact us at: Toll free - (866) 498-3382, or e-mail with any questions.

The Educational Technology Leadership Program's
Masters Degree and Graduate Certificates
are offered through
The Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Educational Technology Leadership Program
2134 G Street N.W., Washington D.C. 20052
For further information call:
(571) 553-0106 or toll free (866) 498-3382
You may also send e-mail to:

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Educational Programs

2005-11-28 19:35:18 by icequeen2

There are some programs out there that are doing something to promote all kids as well as these groups.
If you google it you'll find curriculum that focus on getting kids interested in science, technology and business. Other skills taught are job interviewing, resumes, communication skills, team work skills (and nunchuck skills. Just kidding!).
Sometimes you can get corporate sponsorship to help you have more scholarships so that they can benefit from the PR aspect of the community outreach. There are a few companies that write educational curriculum who could be of help.

Assistive Technology

2012-10-01 15:33:03 by fremontia

1. Could you describe the range of what one would consider "Assistive Technology" for schools?
2. What are some of the most most widely used, versatile programs/companies?
3. What is the most prominent need for assistive technology? (i.e., What learning challenge? Autism? ADHD? Cerebral Palsy?
I'm an outsider trying to learn from all of you. I want to be sure I am entering schools (as an educational rep) with an education from you first.

Education-based Websites

2008-12-25 13:21:48 by MaynardWF

The best stuff you will see is usually in fee-based classes. I'm assuming you are in an undergraduate program at the moment, so I would take the opportunity to explore classes in educational technology. That field is really coming into its own now and I would expect to see a number of M.Ed. programs with concentrations in educactional technology cropping up at the better universities over the course of the next few years.
Check Microsoft's sites to see if they have any education-based offerings that are free. Their's are fairly well organized. If you have the chance to take a class on-line, do that as well for some exposure to what is currently used

Technology/online schools

2004-08-15 16:59:27 by absmith3

You may consider contacting software firms for the ones designing and implementing educational systems for "regular" and "special" students.
Many firms/schools are also offering parents of students being taught at home programs using the internet. Many need writers for lectures and age-appropriate activities. Many jr. colleges are going online and the need for writers, developers and instructors is high.
You can also consider training others in new software, maybe other teachers. Corporate training can be an option as well.

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