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The Intel Global Challenge, a collaboration with University of California Berkeley, promotes entrepreneurship predominantly in developing countries. The competition, held annually at the Haas School of Business, hosts teams from around the world and showcases business opportunities that have the greatest potential for a positive impact on society through the deployment of new and innovative technologies.

It is an opportunity to access practical resources and gain exposure to venture capitalists, governments, NGOs, and universities.

In 2012, the Intel Foundation awarded $100, 000 in prizes for Intel Global Challenge winners: $50, 000 for first prize, $20, 000 for second, $10, 000 for third, and several $5, 000 special awards. Find out about the success of some of the past winners in the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Showcase. Or learn about winners in 2009, 2010, or 2011.

Regional competitions enable hundreds of students to showcase their ideas and innovations. The winning entries from these Intel entrepreneurship programs and regional challenges then get to go to Berkeley for the final Intel Global Challenge event:

Desafío Intel (Intel Challenge Latin America) >

Fekrety - National Business Idea Competition Egypt >

NOVATech Competition (Central & Eastern Europe)

ASTEM Student Technology Prototype Competition (Japan)

For information, review the information in your region. To enter the competition, teams can apply through a regional online competition, a partner competition or with the sponsorship of a partner institution. If questions, contact Intel Higher Education.

Edward Elgar Pub Entrepreneurship Programs and the Modern University
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Entrepreneurship program

2006-07-17 19:06:18 by qwertyzxcv

I own a business in a college town (soon to be expanding into more college towns) and I am looking to give something back to the University and more so the students. I earned a Finance degree 6 years ago and I don't feel like my education included much about starting and running a business on your own. I would like to develop some sort of educational program where I can show students who are interested in starting a business someday how to go about it.
Anyone have any thoughts?

Where to find funding for education initiative?

2005-10-28 03:16:07 by MassTechNFO

I am part of a non-profit organization called the Middle East Education through Technology (MEET). MEET is a new an innovative approach to Israeli/Palestinian coexistence: we bring together Israeli and Palestinian excelling high school students in Jerusalem to learn computer science, technology and entrepreneurship from MIT students.
Where can i start looking for funding for a program like this? I'm especially interested in organizations in Washington DC that target this kind of project byt any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God Bless.

Ok, thanks. I'm...

2007-07-26 17:15:25 by leaning_towards

CSUSB for their entrepreneurship program... but i agree UCR seems pretty strong in those areas you mentioned and well-rounded in general.
the person i talked to at the front office at UR suggested the accreditation issue had to do with "part-time students at off-campus locations..." but would not elaborate further. of all the programs i listed, UR is only one not to publish their admissions info, so i would suspect their off-site education program does have something to do with it.

Through his political life, Kemp's positions

2009-05-02 20:14:22 by ---------------

Spanned the social spectrum: He opposed abortion and supported school prayer, yet appealed to liberals with his outreach toward minorities and compassion for the poor. He pushed for immigration reform to include a guest-worker program and status for the illegal immigrants already here.
At the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs, he proposed more than 50 programs to combat urban blight and homelessness and was an early and strong advocate of enterprise zones.
In 1993, along with former Education Secretary William Bennett and former U.S. Ambassador to the U

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