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The Ed.M. is a year-long intensive program for students who wish to study a particular field in education, acquire a general theoretical background for understanding past and future field experiences, or develop skills for use in professional work in education. The Graduate School of Education offers 13 different programs, including:

Educating for self-directed individuals who are interested in fashioning their own arts-related courses of study.

Developing effective leaders by providing an atmosphere that promotes the understanding of diverse viewpoints from a wide range of disciplines.

Targeting those interested in higher education administration in a college or university or in policy and planning at a higher education association or agency.

Educating students interested in the development of children and adults and how knowledge of development can be applied to educational issues.

Providing an environment for the investigation and discussion of practical approaches for improving the quality of education available to children from all backgrounds.

Combining research and practice in reading, writing, and language development.

Sharing interests including: students and adults as learners, the preparation and professional work of teachers, the organization of schools, and the role of communities in learning.

Targeting students interested in connecting cognition, neuroscience, and educational practice, especially involving learning, teaching, and cognitive and emotional development.

Training prevention practitioners, school guidance and adjustment counselors, and applied researchers to improve the educational, social and emotional outcomes of children and adolescents.

Educating instructional leaders who will have the capacity, skills, and knowledge to create and sustain K-12 charter, district, and pilot schools that foster the learning and well-being of all children.

Allowing students to develop an interdisciplinary program of study that meets their specific academic and professional needs.

Preparing individuals to become middle or secondary school classroom teachers in urban settings.

Preparing students to contribute to the thoughtful design, implementation, and assessment of technology-enhanced educational innovations.

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I agree

2007-10-23 18:18:03 by poster-from-above-

I have a BS in Education and saw the students getting their MS in Education. The work they had to do was significantly less than what we did in Undergrad. It seems as though the Masters Programs for Education just try to stuff everything in and get students out. It doesn't seem as though there is sufficient time to get all the field experience they need.

Compare online Masters programs

2010-07-16 08:23:02 by empathcalif

Hi, I'm looking at two Masters in Education programs -- both completely online, both accredited (I believe), both earning the same degree. The first one is offered by University of Southern California, the other is offered by California State University at Bakersfield. USC total tuition: $38,000 - $42,000. CSUB total tuition: $9000. Would like to hear your opinions...prestige vs. cost? Does anyone have information about how Master's degrees are viewed after they are earned? Does it matter from where they were earned? What would YOU do? Thanks for your input!

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