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Multicultural Education Grants Programs are grants that support the development of programs initiated by Rutgers University- New Brunswick student groups, academic and administrative departments that provide educational opportunities around issues involving race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, and religion.

Procedures for Grant Submission: Applicants must submit the required application to the Dr. Rosanna Reyes, at least four (4) weeks prior to the program. Upon receipt and review of the proposal, applicants will be notified of the grant approval status.

MESP: A New and Better Way to Save for College.(Michigan Education Savings Program)(Brief Article): An article from: Leader's Edge
Book (Michigan Association of CPAs)

"International Education" could mean many things

2006-05-15 12:28:28 by TR26

Do you want to teach overseas? You can probably find English teaching positions in lots of exotic places. Look through the archives here and you'll find threads where that's discussed.
Do you want to study education in various nations? Go for a graduate degree in education.
Do you want to recruit and advise international students in the USA? That's what your post looks most like, though it's unclear. It requires some credentials in education with a focus on student services and multicultural studies; again, go to a grad. program in education that has those things.

One-yr. MA in education

2003-08-05 01:22:07 by wanna_teach_english

I have a BA in 'Humanities' and i am interested in one-yr. MA programs in education. some programs i've seen are geared towards inner-city, multicultural, and often underprivileged environments (Stanford, NYU). there must be other general programs as well...? i am not sure which type of program i would gravitate towards--i have worked [tutoring] different kinds of kids in different settings, and i have found all my experiences to be rewarding. i am prob. most qualified to teach english/ english lit., and i would like to teach at the secondary level. i have been in contact with my high school (a small, rather progressive, artsy la private school) and they would be interested in hiring me once i have some credentials/experience


2007-06-24 08:48:33 by tevie

Bourgeois democracy doesn't work. The re-election of imperialist villain Bush is the best proof of it. Once again Americans have shown a glaring lack of ability to elect their own government. No matter how easy we make it for them, Americans resist the truth contained in our award-winning documentaries, improved university courses, and Multicultural Social Awareness re-education programs. The hour is upon us to implement the great Lenin's doctrine of the Party's dictatorship (see People's Democracy)

Childs Multicultural Learning Academy (In-Home)

2010-01-12 11:00:37 by LewisCenter

My name is Devan and I am a mother of two girls, ages 5 and 3 years and a son who is 2 years. I currently stooped working at a franchised child care center but would like to continue working with children from my home.
Here is a little bit about me. I started babysitting on weekends when I was nine years old, I worked with children in the lower income schools with a program called City Year Columbus doing tutoring and after school programs. I was a volunteer for Olentangy Reads during the 2008-2009 school years; I worked at Tutor Time Powell for a short period and will have my Associates of Arts of Paraprofessional Education (teacher’s aide) this month from the University of Phoenix; my current GPA is 3

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