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The Ph.D. degree program in Higher Education draws upon a rich, interdisciplinary theoretical and research base to illuminate thought and practice in postsecondary education in the United States. Students gain holistic and critical perspectives on college and university policies and practices. More specifically, students examine the roots of scientific inquiry and its bearing on research in the field of education. In addition to research-based coursework, a focused dissertation research project that advances knowledge in the field of higher education is required.

Students are prepared for a career in college teaching and educational research, as well as for administrative positions in higher education institutions, higher education-related agencies, boards and commissions. This degree is conferred by The Graduate School. Typically several years of full-time work experience (i.e., administration and/or teaching) in higher education is required.

  • The Ph.D. program's focus on socially just, critical, reflective and ethical professional practice prepares students for careers as leaders in higher education.
  • Loyola's metropolitan Chicago location provides students with numerous opportunities for internships and subsequent employment. Graduates of the Ph.D. program hold administrative positions in many of the area's universities, community colleges, and professional and vocational schools.

The Higher Education Program Distinguished Alumnus/a Award is given for outstanding contributions through scholarship and service to the larger higher education profession. It is presented annually at the Loyola School of Education's reception at either the ACPA or NASPA national meeting.

Harmony Parent Effectiveness Training: The Proven Program for Raising Responsible Children
Book (Harmony)

Job requirements are amazing

2009-04-09 15:41:10 by -

This is from a recent Craigslist job post: "Candidates must have a Doctorate level degree in Physics, Computer Science or a closely related discipline (i.e., Computer Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering)."
Don't these recruiters realize how far about those various educational disciplines are? You can get a doctorate in Computer Science without even taking basic science courses, and you can get a doctorate in Physics without writing any significant computer programs. Some people are in such awe of higher education that they think anybody with a PhD can walk on water.


2012-12-19 10:14:58 by Drosophila_5

"There has been much debate among the scientific and higher education communities over the solution to such a problem—overhaul the content of PhD programs to better encapsulate training for alternative careers; drastically cut down enrollment in PhD programs, thus dampening production of the so-called 'PhD machine;' and many more.1 But the factors involved in this perfect storm of PhD overproduction seem to be relatively straightforward: widespread budget cuts at the federal and state levels, tenured researchers not retiring due to economic factors, and increased admission to PhD programs."

MFT, PsyD, PhD, H-E-L-P!

2006-03-23 21:14:09 by 2Apeas

I'm a recent graduate and am looking into higher education. Although I got my BA in English Education, I am looking into graduate programs specializing in psychology; something that can be explored outside the school system if teaching doesn't work out. I like the idea of being able to work as a therapist or psychologist down the road. I would most likely look into working with children.
I've looked at MFT programs and have found that they are mostly two year programs (not including internships) which sound great, but my question is this, are there any similar programs which would give me more credentials/credibility?
If there was a PsyD or PhD program which would take roughly the same time frame I would like to hear of those

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