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Welcome to the web page of the Professional Education Programs. I would like to encourage you to explore the services available through this office. As Director of Professional Education Programs, I am responsible for the coordination of the field experience. The unit is also designed to assist students from the time of admission to completion of teacher licensure. The monitoring and/or coordination of admission into the teacher education program, field experiences, licensure, and partnerships are major responsibilities of this office. For pertinent dates and forms, you may view a Professional Education Programs calendar and forms related to admission, teacher education retention checkpoints, and field experiences/internship. Five scholarships for teacher education majors are coordinated by the unit and two scholarships require the signature of the professional licensure officer (teacher certifying official).

Arkansas State University is committed to the preparation of teachers who have the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the learning needs of youth in our culturally diverse American schools. The conceptual framework, Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn, is specifically designed to provide an integrated series of studies in general education, pre-professional studies and field experiences, academic specialization, and professional studies. All students who are committed to pursuing a career in teaching and who meet the teacher education program standards are welcome.

Accredited by NCATE

All professional education programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, who works to make a difference in the quality of teaching and teacher preparation today, tomorrow, and for the next century.

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Proof con racists are intellectually imbalanced

2012-04-25 13:23:30 by bornagaingumby

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top military officer ordered a review of training material after a course for officers was found to espouse the view that the United States is at war with Islam, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.
General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, sent a letter on Tuesday to leaders of the Army and other services, along with regional commanders and officials heading the National Guard, ordering a review of relevant training and education material across the military.
"This review will ensure our professional education programs exhibit the cultural sensitivity, respect for religion and intellectual balance that we should expect in our academic institutions," Dempsey said in the letter, an excerpt from which were read to Reuters

3. Bush is underfunding education

2003-12-23 15:04:02 by LaundryList

3. Bush is underfunding education. The President cut $200 million from his own No Child Left Behind Act, eliminating crucial educational programs for lower income children and cutting professional training for more than 20,000 teachers.
Flawed from its very foundation, No Child Left Behind is based on then-Governor Bush's late-‘90s “Texas Miracle,”—a program of standardized testing designed to increase performance and reduce dropout rates--now recognized as a scandalous failure.

Get professionally certified

2008-05-08 18:52:04 by 1getreal

There are programs called Alternative Teaching Certificate Programs or something similar in every state. It is designed for people with BA/BS degrees to transition in to teaching and get their professional certification without going back for a master's degree. Look at the Department of Education website for your state for more info. If you get certified in certain areas (math, science, special ed) you can get loan forgiveness to be applied to any outstanding student loans you have. There are other programs out there to get loan forgiveness or tuition reimbursement to teach in a Title I school

New H-9 Visa Program being pushed

2008-06-28 10:30:30 by therestofthestoryishere

Since other foreign visa programs have been so successful in bringing over indentured servants to the U.S. and driving down wages for engineers and computer professional, legislators are looking into new H-9 Visa Program.
Considering other degrees such as education and human resources are considered to be less challenging than the degrees of their counterparts in engineering and computer science, legislator are looking for way to help the private and public sector bring down wages in the education and human resource fields. One legislator commented of the record that "w

For IT professionals: Need your opinion

2009-11-13 09:43:02 by partywolf

For IT professionals: Would this combination of education land me a decent job?
After a job loss last year, I'm looking to make a change to the IT field and wondering if the path I would like to take to achieve this new career is viable. I have a bachelor of arts from the university of pittsburgh.
So the plan is to enroll into an IT program at the local community college, where they offer a fast-track certification in IT support, and after that you can upgrade to an associates degree, which I would likely do. Programs are here
Now the question becomes, will I be able to land a decent job with just an associates degree in IT, taking into consideration that I also have a BA and a few years of professional (non IT) work experience under my belt?
Unfortunately I will...

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