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Undergraduate Education Studies Program

Students who major or minor in education studies examine the social, historical and cultural contexts of education, and grapple with challenging issues like the achievement gap. more

Undergraduate Teacher Education Program

Students who minor in teacher education study children and youth, school and society, and subject-specific pedagogy. Coursework is integrated with field experience in local schools. more

Master of Arts in Teaching Program

This small, personalized program is designed to challenge and prepare graduate students to become thoughtful, caring teachers who have strong and flexible knowledge of the content they teach and honor their students' strengths. more

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BDS delegitimization Action Plan

2013-06-05 17:16:58 by ERehan

Because BDS DOES NOT affects Israel, follow this guidelines just in case it begins to do so:

-Divide Responsibilities -
-Enhance Intelligence Capabilities -
-Improve Rapid Response Capabilities -
-Using Legal Measures -
-Lobbying -
-Educating the Media -
-Include Anti-Discrimination Programs in Education -
-Establish Strategic Guidelines -

When entering an art education program

2013-08-03 18:18:59 by LarryHunt

One of the basic 100 series courses required to move toward an art degree is that of 'Art Appreciation'. A course designed to educate the general public about these basic proven elements of successful/good art work.
I believe it ought to be required of all college students regardless of major or interest(s).
One does not wake up one morning grab a never before seen piano and start playing Chopin, or an electric guitar and start playing like Jimmy Hendrix...... Only in ones dreams.
One can, however, like or dislike Chopin or Hendrix music without full appreciation of the art

Fun, innovative educational programs are being

2012-01-10 13:05:57 by UtterlyIrrelevant

Produced. The public school system can't justify incorporating innovation until it acquires the appeal which comes with proven successes in the private/charter sector schools (test scores, performance data). The tax-paying masses don't want their children 'having fun' in school; they want 'learning' (and learning is equated with work (homework) not providing guidance and resources for nurturing the students natural sense of curiosity.
What you observe is intentional design. It is being appropriated by the education system (both private and public) but the influx takes time. Game designers are paying better than educational software designers and there is still the plight of the educator to provide tangible, measurable progress in the student

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