Programs of Physical Education

The mission of the Physical Education Instructional Program is to provide the Yale Community and guests with a comprehensive set of learning experiences in sport, exercise, dance and physical wellness within an elective format. The scope of the program is broad and provides depth and variety of instruction appropriate for all levels of ability.

Physical Education Programmatic Goals:

  • Provide the participant an opportunity to rejuvenate and renew through active participation in a variety of leisure activities.
  • Provide a nurturing learning environment to maximize skill development.
  • Provide opportunities for increased fitness levels through active participation.
  • Provide an enhanced sense of physical and mental well-being.
  • Provide the opportunity to fully experience the present, therefore providing clarity and focus for the challenges of the future.

The unique contributions made by the Physical Education Instructional Program to the concept of “body and mind in balance” are rooted in the program’s diversity, its universal accessibility to the Yale Community, and its presentation of opportunities for physical activity in the absence of a strictly competitive format. We encourage all members of the Yale Community to experience the joy and personal enrichment that these wonderful programs can offer to one’s life.

The entire Yale Community is welcomed to all classes ! All Yale faculty, staff and spouses/partners are welcomed to our classes this fall. The “non-member” rate listed is for those Yale community people who are not currently Payne Whitney Gym members.

Refund Policy: Requests for refunds will be pro-rated and must be made in person at Payne Whitney Gym, Room 509. Hours for refunds are: Monday-Friday, 2pm-4:45pm. Deadline for fall semester refunds is Friday September 20. No refunds will be issued thereafter, except for medical reasons (documentation may be required).

Information Hotline: Please call us at 203-432-1431 or email us at if you have questions about any of our classes.

Wishing you a Fall Filled with Happiness and Fitness!

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Of course there are education degrees..

2008-03-24 10:48:43 by PreKTeach

The best way to become a teacher is to go to a college that offers education degrees. They are generally 3.5 to 5 year programs where you specialize in an age range or field (special education, physical education, early education, middle or high school subjects). Not every college is known for their education programs, you won't know which are until you check their offered degrees.

How do I pay for 3.5 years of Physical Therapy??

2006-06-13 10:01:58 by Zydeco

Thought I'd try this board, too...
I, like amyj before me, thought I’d try Craigslist for some insight on how folks deal with the overwhelming burden of higher education.
I’m in the process of re-inventing myself at the ripe ‘ole age of 43, and returning to school to get a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I’ve been wanting to do this for over 20 years, and am finally going, despite the numerous challenges.
Imagine my shock that while I got financial aid from a Terri loan of $30k/year, their rates will put me in the poor house! According to their math, their interest rate is more than 8% over 20 years:
I’ll owe $83k for every $30k they lend me

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