Special Education Writing Programs

Background Information for an IEP:

The Individual Education Program (IEP) is every exceptional or identified student's lifeline for academic success. If students with special needs are to achieve the academic curriculum or an alternative curriculum to the best of their ability and as independently as possible, the professionals involved in the delivery of their programming must have a plan in place.


The IEP goals should be developed with the following criteria:

  • specific
  • realistic
  • attainable
  • measurable
  • challenging

Before setting goals the team must first determine the present level of performance using various assessment tools, the needs must be clearly and specifically defined. When determining IEP goals consider the student's classroom placement, is the student in the least hindering environment. Do the goals coordinate with the regular classroom activities and schedules and do they follow the general curriculum?

After the goals have been identified, it is then stated how the team will help the student to achieve the goals, this is referred to as the measurable part of the goals. Each goal must have a clearly stated objective how, where and when each task will be implemented. Define and list any adaptations, aides or supportive techniques that may be required to encourage success. Clearly explain how progress will be monitored and measured. Be specific about time frames for each objective. Expect goals to be achieved at the end of an academic year. Objectives are skills required to achieve the desired goal, objectives should be accomplished in shorter intervals.

Team Members: IEP team members are parents of the student, special education teacher, classroom teacher, support workers and outside agencies involved with the individual. Each member of the team plays a vital role in the development of a successful IEP.

Education Program Plans can become overwhelming and unrealistic. A good rule of thumb is to set one goal for each academic strand. This enables the teams manageability and accountability to ensure that resources are available to help the individual achieve the desired goals.

Good Programs for Special Needs

2005-10-06 10:56:38 by Jaedee77

Have you looked into Nassau Boces? They have good special ed. programs in Nassau County. Their web address is:
There is also another great special education program, with very low teacher/student ratio's, called the Lindamood-Bell Center. Their website is:
But if you are in need of additional support, I may be able to help too. I live in Lynbrook, not far from you. Right now I'm at the end of a Dual Master's in Special Education and Elementary Education, with a concentration in Learning Disabilities. My B

ESL and Special Ed are 2 different programs

2005-09-04 09:14:24 by BothGovernmentRun

Entitlement programs. If you son is not receiving services mandated in his IEP, that is totally unrelated to services being received by ESL students. You have the following steps available for recourse if your child is IDENTIFIED by the SCHOOL DISTRICT (rather than someone outside the school district) as learning disabled and is not receiving appropriate services you have rights as a parent of a special ed student (you should have received information in writing this at his initial placement):
- contact his primary special ed provider and request a review staffing. Be specific in your reasons for believing he is not receiving his services - and not reports from him

Two paths to address in spelling

2005-09-30 21:24:36 by tchrinaz

I am a special education teacher, and after reading the posts on this topic, I see there are many knowledgeable participants. One thing I was thinking about was that your child needs help in two areas: effectively writing "now" and concurrently learning spelling. Computer word processing programs available such as "Co-Writer" provide word prompts for students as they compose. See link;
This will also help with gaining familiarity with spelling patterns,etc. By seeing words spelled correctly, it increases visual memory of these words.
Student also needs a spelling program that is based on the developmental spelling level he is currently working at, building from what he/she knows

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