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Doctoral Programs

Graduate programs in the Michigan State University College of Education foster the insights and skills needed to deal with the most pressing challenges facing the education profession. They also are among the most highly regarded by deans and professors throughout the nation. Outstanding, internationally known faculty members construct rigorous opportunities for advanced study, mentor students and engage in millions of dollars of funded research.

Preparing Top Scholars

The Ph.D. programs prepare researchers to serve in professional positions in universities, research agencies, policy agencies and schools. Doctoral students are essential partners in developing new knowledge and in preparing the next generation of educators, coaches, athletic trainers and scholars.

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Unparalleled Experiences

  • A commitment to study real problems of practice and contribute to policy development and analysis.
  • A diverse community of scholars known for its culture of collaboration, especially across disciplinary boundaries
  • The opportunity to participate in an international study trip sponsored by the college
  • Flexibility allowing individuals to tailor programs to their scholarly and professional interests
  • Many centers, projects and offices that provide contexts for conducting and disseminating research in the field, on a small or large scale

Academic Program List

Doctoral specialization in the Economics of Education

The interdisciplinary specialization in Economics of Education at Michigan State University helps students focus on learning the best quantitative methods to answer policy questions in education. Doctoral candidates from four College of Education programs – Educational Policy, K-12 Educational Administration, Measurement and Quantitative Methods, and Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Education – are eligible for the fellowship program, which includes a graduate assistantship and an annual $30, 000 stipend.

Urban Education Graduate Certificate

Graduate students in the College of Education have an opportunity to study issues of urban education in greater depth through the Urban Education Graduate Certificate program. This interdepartmental sequence of courses is primarily for doctoral students who have a particular interest in teaching and conducting research within the contexts of urban communities.

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UK Doctoral Programmes

2005-08-27 07:40:36 by csensei

Hi! I too am looking into doing a doctorate in the UK but in the field of Education. My reason for wanting to go to the UK is that it has been a long time dream to live there as well as to get a doctorate so I thought -- why not combine my two dreams?! How is your search going? Maybe we can compare resources? I started off with the British Council website for a list of programs and have been going thru them one by one to narrow it down to a handful of schools to which I will apply -- I don't want to go to London though b/c I want a real British educational experience. My top two choices now are Univ of Durham and Bath Univ

They are owned by Education Management LLC

2009-12-06 06:44:01 by Tomf_22033

And while I won't say that they aren't legit, I will say that Education Management LLC is what we refer to as a Korporate Kollege (a business that owns and operates colleges). If you do a search on this forum you'll find some of the major problems with these schools.
Now, I'm not going to say you should run from them as the Art Institutes seem to be better run than many of the other Korporate Kolleges, but I would HIGHLY suggest you look into other less expensive options such as your local community college or university. Also if you don't have to stay in your location, look into one of the outstanding schools noted for their art departments

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