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Welcome to the Harvard Undergraduate Teacher Education Program (UTEP), your ticket to the compelling and important world of teaching! The world needs GOOD teachers at all levels more than ever these days, particularly in the K-12 public schools, and UTEP has been producing them for nearly 30 years now.

UTEP is actively seeking Harvard undergraduates who want to teach in the public schools and have a solid academic record, an interest in service to the community, and a gift for relating to others. The program combines coursework at Harvard College and the Harvard Graduate School of Education (GSE) with observation and student teaching that is closely mentored and supervised by faculty and administrators of the GSE and its associated public schools. At the end of the program, you will receive certification to teach in public middle or secondary schools in Massachusetts and the forty-one states with which Massachusetts has reciprocity. But don't make a decision based on this little blurb. Read more about the Undergraduate Teacher Education Program.

Well, look where he got the education:

2010-03-02 12:07:29 by Drosophila3

Xavier University (pronounced /ˈzeɪvi.ər/) is a private, Jesuit, co-educational university in the United States located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Xavier University is one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities.[1] The University is the sixth-oldest Catholic university in the nation. It has an undergraduate enrollment of about 4,000 students and graduate enrollment of 2,600 students. Xavier is primarily an undergraduate, liberal arts institution. Graduate programs include occupational therapy, education, counseling, nursing, English, theology, psychology, business, and many more

The Master of Social Work (MSW) is a Master's

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The Master of Social Work (MSW) is a type of master's degree in the field of social work which is received from a graduate school that has been approved by the Council on Social Work Education. The MSW requires two years of post graduate study, in combination with field experience. While some people get a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) before pursuing a Master's, most MSW programs accept applicants with undergraduate degrees in broad range of liberal arts degrees.
Most MSW programs allow students to choose a clinical track, which focuses on direct practice with clients, and a community practice track, with a focus on political advocacy, community organizing, policy analysis and/or human services management

I'm a HS art teacher.....

2005-04-04 16:46:04 by melsybelsy

.....In NYC
All states require some form of art education certification. The best way to go about it? Get a MAT (Masters of Art in Teaching) in Art Education. The pre-reqs. for this type of degree is that you were an undergraduate art major. Most programs are 2 years some are 1 year. (I went to SVA in NYC it was 1 full year- fall, spring, summer).
Want to connect with other art teachers in your area? NAEA.com (National Art Education Association) They have a wonderful website which emails job listings to members.
The only way you can teach w/out a teaching degree is if you are a teachers assistant/substitute teacher in that subject area WHILE YOU ARE EARNING THAT DEGREE

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