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ABC blows lid off this Sherwood 'Cheer Perfection' thing

Cheer Perfection premieres Wednesday night at 9 p.m.
  • "Cheer Perfection" premieres Wednesday night at 9 p.m.

ABC News correspondent Juju Chang recently ventured into the unforgiving wilds of Sherwood — a.k.a. Sherweird — to offer viewers a harrowing glimpse into the nightmarish hell-scape that is the children's competitive cheer-leading reality special "Cheer Perfection, " which premieres on TLC Wednesday night at 9 p.m.

"George, I'm telling you: these cheer-leading moms make the Tiger Mom look like a gentle kitty cat, " Chang told a riveted George Stephanopoulos.

For those blessedly unaware of the concept of "Cheer Perfection, " produced by the good folks who brought us "Toddlers & Tiaras, " the special exploits highlights the aspiring young cheerleaders of Cheer Time Revolution and their not at all overbearing and awful mothers. The show "takes us inside a world where moms are unapologetic about living vicariously, " Chang says, shortly before cheer-leading mom Ann Robinson totally admits that the moms do indeed live vicariously through their daughters. Robinson then relates a sad tale about how her daughter Torin played softball recently and everybody got a trophy.

"Well that's not fun to me, " Robinson said. "I want to know that my kid is No. 1."

"As the moms claw their way to the top, there can be catfights, " Chang teases us, leading into a clip from the show in which one cheer-leading mom says to the other cheer-leading mom, "Honey, you're queen bitch, everybody in town knows that." Ooh! Catfight!

One poor girl made the mistake of accidentally falling on her head, earning the scorn of her mother. She compounds her error by making the additional mistake of revealing to her mother that the reason for her fall was that she was afraid.

"You're going to be lucky to get on any team, " her mother said, in a touching display of warm, maternal sympathy.

"I expect a lot from my daughter, " that cheer-leading mom told Chang. "We spend a lot of money at cheer. And when she did that, I was very upset with her."

Ah, good ol' reality television. It always brings out the best in people.

Check out the ABC News video after the jump.

Gymnastics for adults

2008-08-24 18:43:36 by iwannafly

Okay, so I'm going out on a limb here..after some googling of course...My dream, among others, has been to do gymnastics and do a backflip or flips in general. Being able to do this, of course, means that my recent weight loss and exercise regime has paid off and that I can actually take my new body to new heights. I don't want to by an olympian or even show anyone what I can do, however. Are their any gyms on the southwest side of Chicago that offer beginner gymnastics classes for adults, sort of like the classes I take at my regular gym but for gymnastics????

Choreo. Dance lessons in LA-- WHERE?

2005-10-13 08:12:03 by NeedHelpFinding1

Hello all--
I'm looking for recomendations for some type of Choreographed Dance Lessons in the SFV/LA area. Am a total beginner (with some failed attempts at gymnastics as a kid) and would love to find some kind of high-energy dance classes. Also interested in contortionist training or movement. Anyone have any ideas or good experiences around here?
Any help is greatly appreciated! TIA

Two things:

2008-03-11 11:40:25 by -

One - tell them "we've decided not to, at this time" and NO more. "well honey... she NEEEEEDS it" (which is a lie, btw) you say, "We have decided not to, at this time." "Well, why on earth not?"
"We just have, please pass the bean dip"
second - see if your local recreation center offers classes really cheap!
heck, I'll add a third thing
she will grow up just fine w/o those things! Put on music and MOVE at home! :)
I have a friend who's parents would not put her in ballet when she was growing up

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