Gymnastics Classes Newcastle

We run termly Gym Tots classes for children aged 3 years up to school age.

Want to give your child a head start in their gymnastics classes? Our Gym Tots lessons are tailored for 3 & 4 year olds. It introduces toddlers & young children to the gym, the equipment and some of the shapes and bounces they will continue to use and learn from our recreational gymnastics classes. Our Gym Tots classes are structured, fun & varied, and are led & observed by one of our pre school coaches.

This is an independent gymnastics class where the girls and boys are in the gym with our pre school coaches and parents watch the fun from the viewing area.

Once your child starts school, you will be invited to move on to one of our Recreational Gymnastics classes.

Gym Tots classes are £5 per session and are paid termly in advance.

Current Term 15th April 2013 to 19th July 2013 There may be some space for this term, please contact us

Future term dates

2nd September 13 to 15th December 13

6th January 14 to 30th March 14

31st March 14 to 20th July 14

Please contact us for more information or to enquire about space for next term as these classes get booked up very quickly.

The following are class times for the Gym Tots.

Important info

From September 2013 we will be introducing even more pre school classes. Please contact us now to register your interest in these ever popular classes. Space will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Wednesday Friday Sunday
10.00 – 10.45 am 1.00 – 1.45pm1.45 – 2.30pm

We also hold family Drop In sessions for children up to 5 years and Tumble Teds classes for children aged 18 months to school age.


City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy do not accept cheque payments. Cash or Debit Cards payments are accepted.

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Awww, DD had her first gymnastics class yesterda

2013-07-02 09:54:25 by sillymom3

They are hard core, lol. Which is GOOD, they aren't playing. They did the uneven bars even. She had them doing pushups on the bars and leg lifts. DD is going to be hurting! She was sooo tired but omg, was she LOVING. I love watching her get excited and "into" new things. It gives me happiness, weird as that sounds. Honestly, I love that we have worked ourselves into a position where we can afford for her to do things, also weird as that sounds

Do your children take dance class?

2005-01-04 11:57:51 by amandamommy

I am thinking of putting my 7yo in a jazz/tap class. She has been in gymnastics for a couple of years, but we moved about 30 minutes away and there is no gym in our area. She has also done community theatre for a couple of years and has been begging me to find her a group. I cannot find a group near me, when we first moved here I would drive her back to her group, not hard as practice is only once a week, but tech week killed me. Do you think dance will give her a comparable outlet? She is quite the drama queen and her boredom is driving me nuts!

Rave - dd2 LOVED gymnastics

2010-07-30 07:43:36 by sca_lbg

Last night was their class. All 3 girls did it and at the last minute ds decieded he wanted to as well. They all had fun. And of course all want to go back. lol
I was really surprised at dd2 though. I just knew she was going to cry and throw a fit and not want to do it at all. We got there a bit early and she was actually crying because I wouldn't let her go in while the other class was going on. lol She had a few issues like waiting her turn and sitting still but shes 2 and a little bit of that is normal for the first visit. Plus she was one of the younger ones there

A swim class all by herself?

2008-04-17 13:12:58 by duckncover

Wow, good for her. We're just starting dd's first one and no way would she get in by herself!
They have a gymnastics one that starts at 2.5 for the summer, but I just don't see her being able to do it. There's really not many other options, with or without me ... but I'm sure she'll have enough fun this summer either way.

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