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Hi Pam,
I am 33 and just started back to gymnastics in January. I was a gymnast for 9 years from age 3-12 so it had been 20 years!
Getting back into gymnastics myself has made me interested in becoming a gymnastics judge. I was wondering how much judges are paid for their services at meets? Of course I would start judging at a low level and work my way up if I enjoyed it. I live in Tennesse, if that helps you answer the question easier.
Thank you for your help! Answer
This is copied from the 2012-2013 Rules and Policies

The following hourly rate reflects a 3% increase, effective August 1, 2009.
Rating Hourly Rate Actual Judging Time Break Time is:
Brevet $31.36 2 Hrs. or less 0
National $29.20 3 hrs. 1 hr.
Level 10 $27.04 4 hrs. 1 hrs.
Level 9 $23.79 5 hrs. 2 hrs.
Level 5/6/7/8 $19.47 6 hrs. 2 hrs.
Level 7/8 $17.30 7 hrs. 3 hrs.
Level 5/6 $15.14 8 hrs. 3 hrs.
9 hrs. 4 hrs.

Many states have other leagues as well. Their pay scales can usually be found on their website, ie..usaigc, etc...

Hope that helps

Pam Rafe-Borges Expertise

I can answer questions about technique, choreography, skill values for both Women's USAG JO rules and NFHS rules. I have been in this sport for 35 plus years as an athlete and a coach. I have been a judge for 15 plus years.


I have been in the sport for 30 plus years, as a gymnast, coach, choreographer, pre-school gymnastics instructor, and official.I was the gymnastics director for 10 years at a summer day camp

I have a USAG level 10 judges rating. I am also a NJSIAA judge which uses the NFHS rules.

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I 'm not local, but I've taken my now 2 1/2 yr

2006-02-26 19:26:40 by twinmom

Old twins out almost every day by myself since they were 2 weeks old. Well, during the weekend DH is usually with me, but I've gone everywhere with them during the week. Currently we do a gymnastics class and a co-op toddler group every week. I've never had much trouble in classes with them. Usually the instructor is happy to help out if needed, but I've gotten really good at multitasking! Probably the only thing I wouldn't take them to by myself is swimming, I would just wait until they are older or you have some one to go with you.
I suggest looking into programs at your local YMCA or Parks and Rec Dept - they probably have some fun activities for 2 year olds

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