Gymnastics Instructors in Baltimore

Guided Mom & Me ( Guided Exploration)

  • For your toddlers who are walking to 2 years old!
  • This class gives your child the opportunity to try different activities such as climbing up, over and through, bouncing, hanging and swinging!

  • Exploration will be supervised and loosely structured to ensure a safe environment for you and your toddler to have fun and explore together!

Mom and Me

  • For your terrific two year olds!
  • This program provides an opportunity for children to discover the wonderful world of gymnastics with the comfort of having Mom, Dad or another significant adult in attendance. Children will develop motor skills such as running, jumping and rolling as well as kinesthetic awareness in a safe and caring environment.


  • For your incredible three and four years olds!
  • We teach with comfort. That means we would like your toddler to come into the gym by his/herself, however, should he/she need your presence for reassurance we welcome you into the gym. At ages three and four we continue the discovering of love for gymnastics. This program includes gymnastics vocabulary, positions and skills as well as developing social skills like taking turns, respecting others and self-control.

Beginner I through Advanced, Tumbling, Trampoline and Boys

  • For ages five and older!
  • Throughout these levels children are taught the increasingly challenging positions and skills of gymnastics. We also incorporate strength and flexibility training that will enhance their physical abilities. Also, we continue to encourage good social skills such as responsibility for your actions, sportsman like conduct and respect for others.

The Competitive Team

  • By invitation of the instructors.
  • This provides the opportunity for children to compete within the state as well as regionally and nationally under the umbrella of the United States Association of Gymnastics. Participation involves required practices and parental involvement as well.

Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

  • Taught by certified instructors.
  • Please Call for information.

BCG Mission Statement:

Baltimore County Gymnastics provides instructional gymnastics for children ages two and above, in a safe and caring atmosphere. Our goal is to instill in your children the importance of a healthy body and mind so that they will develop a lifetime of healthy habits.

RJC Pub. Gymnastics: Safety Basics for Instructors
Book (RJC Pub.)


2007-06-02 14:14:55 by money333

I didn't know where I should post this, so I just figured I would put it here. I am interested in learning how to do back hand springs, and have called several gymnastics instructors who will not help me becuase I am 19. I am willing to pay well. Please email if you are interested.
jayme langford

Not sure about dance, but for gymnastics

2005-05-04 18:11:21 by sweetpotato

The "official" policy was "No parents."
For the beginners, people milling around can be distracting. Kids seeing their parents in the gym could go running to Mommy for the tiniest little thing. It's easier for the instructors to establish rules and discipline(such as it is) without parents right there.
It's also a safety issue. If your child is watching you watch her, she's not paying attention to the movements, instructor, or equipment.
DD has been in gymnastics for about 5 years now, and she's in a competition level. The "no parents" rule isn't really enforced so much at this level, because the gymnasts are used to having people around

Coaching/sports instructors

2007-11-05 09:15:52 by CrBkc

Need a coaching/sports instructors category for job postings. All coaching positions and dance, gymnastics, martial arts, cheerleading, swim instructors and possible athletic trainers, aerobics instructor etc could go here. If I put under education/teachers it is too academic otherwise they all end up in etcetera...

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